KOMBOX Compressor Heat Recovery System

In almost all industrial plants, air compressors are used to produce compressed air. Compressed air has a crucial place for production in industrial facilities. While air compressor carry out this important function, they are very inefficient machines when compared to their electricity consumption and operating performance. In return for the useful operating, it throws 95% of the energy that consume into the atmosphere as waste heat. The waste heat is exhausted to the atmosphere by cooling the lubrication systems of the mechanical equipment used to compress and pressurize the air.

TANPERA Kombox Series Compressor Heat Recovery System is a packaging system specifically designed to use oil energy. In the compressor heat recovery system of the compressor, the heated oil in the screw group is delivered to the three-way thermostat valve. If the temperature is higher than the temperature set by the thermostatic valve, to the brazed plate heat exchanger in the compressor heat recovery system is directed. The heat in the oil is transferred to the water in the secondary circuit via of a brazed plate heat exchanger. In this way, approximately 90% of the consumed electrical energy is converted into useful energy when the compressor operates at full-load. Thus, compressor waste heat can be used to produce hot water for many different purposes, usually heating system or domestic hot water heating.

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