Sugar Industry

About the Application

Plate heat exchanger is used in many points of sugar production process from beginning to end.

Tanpera's wide range of free flow-wide gap plate heat exchangers is especially used for fluids with solids, particles and fibers. Sugar industry, fruit juice production, cereal ethanol production, heat recovery systems and so on. It provides significant advantages for substances that contain intense and sticky fluids and which will generally cause blockage in normal plate heat exchangers.

The plate pattern on the heat transfer surface improves efficiency, minimizes contamination and also provides optimum flow turbulence.
In addition, the flattened surface of the plate connection mouth designed specifically for sugar applications of Tanpera is provided without operation for long time without the need for opening of the heat exchanger.
Tanpera Plate Heat Exchanger Usage Areas in Sugar Industry;

  • Pretreatment
  • Fermentation
  • condensation
  • the evaporating
  • Pre heating
  • Last Heating