Geothermal Heating

About the Application

Tanpera plate heat exchangers are used for the purpose of district heating with high temperature water from underground.

In geothermal applications, a main heat exchanger is located in the heat center to separate the primary circuit in which the geothermal water circulates from the closed circuit water system in the secondary circuit. Geothermal water is re-injected into the underground heat exchanger after the heat is reduced. The heated secondary circuit water is pumped into the heating system. The main heat exchanger in the heat center is designed from special plate materials to protect against the corrosive effects of geothermal water.

  • Tanpera provides high-efficiency plate designs with different models and features designed for geothermal applications with a low investment cost.
  • Features of plate heat exchangers that provide wide use cases in geothermal applications are such as;
  • High efficiency, minimum heat transfer surface requirement
  • Economical use of wear-resistant materials
  • Small floor covering
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Easy access to all thermal faces for cleaning