About Us

About Us

TANPERA is a dynamic company operating in the area of heat transfer, thermal storage and heat

energy systems.

With our motto “experience the changes” inspired by the heat exchange process, TANPERA aims to

reflect its dynamism on its activities in the sector with a brand new service approach.

 TANPERA product range includes high-efficiency Heat Exchangers that operate at wide temperature and

pressure ranges, as well as Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks, Storage Electrical and Coiled Water

Heaters, Buffer Tanks, Expansion Tanks, Air-Dirt Separators and Hydraulic Balance Tanks.

 Our company offers products and services in many different areas ranging from building technology systems

to a wide variety of challenging industrial sectors such as chemistry, food, sugar, maritime and heavy


 TANPERA has reached a widespread recognition in different countries with its wide product program and

the marketing activities. With its strong engineering infrastructure, it has become a company capable of

providing unique solutions to its customers’ extraordinary and special needs and therefore has solidified its

position as a solution partner of many companies.

 Our company is organized in a way that can give post-sales service wherever our products exist.

The main aim of TANPERA is, by producing world-standard products and keeping the high customer

satisfaction in the front, to spread its products in much wider markets, to make you “experience the

changes” and to be “the best”.